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Move a Motorcycle By Starting It and Putting It In Gear

By Walter F. Kern

Step 3: Turn ON the Ignition

Turn on the ignition by inserting the key and turning it to the ignition position. Other terms may be used. Usually, the headlight of the motorcycle comes on to indicate that you have been successful in turning on the ignition.

The ignition can be located many places on the motorcycle. If you can't find it, consult your owner's manual. Otherwise, keep looking. The picture shows an ignition located on the left side of the motorcycle just below the gas tank.

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Motorcycle Ignition Switch
Motorcycle Ignition Switch in the ON Position
© Walter Kern

  1. Turn On the Fuel Supply
  2. Pull Out the Choke
  3. Turn ON the Ignition
  4. Set the KILL Switch to RUN
  5. Depress the Clutch Lever
  6. Shift Into Neutral
  7. Check the Neutral Indicator Light
  8. Start the Motorcycle
  9. Shift Into First Gear
  10. Move the Motorcycle

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