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Motorcycle Glossary / Dictionary Terms - 20 Most Popular Terms

By Walter F. Kern

According to my weekly usage statistics, the following motorcycle terms are the 20 most popular in the Motorcycle Views Glossary / Dictionary.

The complete glossary of over 225 terms is also available.

  1. Heel-Toe Shifter
  2. MSF
  3. Cage
  4. 2-Second Rule
  5. ABATE
  6. Rake and Trail
  7. Bagger
  8. Standard Bike
  9. Motocross
  10. SCRC
  11. Two-up
  12. Beater
  13. Camshaft
  14. Get-Off
  15. Hard Tail
  16. Integrated Brakes
  17. Choke
  18. Crotch Rocket
  19. Enrichener
  20. Kill Switch

Complete Glossary

You may also want to take a look at my Motorcycle Terms Quizzes. I have five 10-question quizzes that introduce you to the Top 50 motorcycle terms. Now don't get too upset if the Top 50 don't have the Top 20 listed here in the same order. These rankings may change weekly.

New motorcycle terms are being added all the time so subscribe to my Motorcycle Views Newsletter, or just check back often for new terms.

I also want to know what new terms you'd like to see in the glossary. I want the Motorcycle Views Glossary / Dictionary to be the best set of motorcycle terms on the Internet.

Also, the complete Motorcycle Views Glossary / Dictionary is contained in one piece in my new book, Getting Started Riding a Motorcycle, available in an Amazon Kindle edition.

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