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Vintage, Antique, and Classic Motorcycles - A Motorcycle Pictures Gallery

By Walter F. Kern

Old Motorcycles Older than 50 Years - Pictures and Descriptions

Picture of an old motorcycleThis old motorcycle pictures gallery contains pictures and descriptions of motorcycles manufactured more than 50 years ago. I'm lumping antique, vintage, and classic motorcycles into this group without regard to the special distinctions that many people may have on what an antique, vintage, or classic motorcycle is. To me, it's any motorcycle more than 50 years old.

I also ask that anyone wanting to submit a motorcycle picture to appear in this gallery to please give me more information about the bike: how you got it, do you still have it, what restoration did you do, any stories about you and the bike, etc.

As time permits, I will be singling out some of the bikes in the gallery to do features on, giving more details about them.

To get your old motorcycle in our picture gallery, just submit a picture and description to Moto Pics. I'll do the rest.

Click on any of the following motorcycle makes to find the individual models that will include pictures and descriptions. This list will continue to expand as new photos are submitted.

Photo © 2000 Jess Stockwell

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