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Motorcycle Santa - Special Times

Johnny Cellphone doesn't have a permanent telephone in his house. He just has a cellphone. Here's Johnny Cellphone getting the call from Motorcycle Santa.

Johnny Cellphone was sitting on his bike at a stoplight when the phone rang. Of course, by choice, he was also wearing his old Santa suit. His personalized ringtone went "vroom vroom vroom" and he "knew in a moment it must be St. Nick."

"Hey, Motorcycle Santa, what's up?" said Johnny.

"I'm just about ready to make my trip to visit you and your kids," said Motorcycle Santa. "I'm scheduled to leave on the Polar Express train at noon and should be there tomorrow at 8 a.m."

"I know your kids well and I always enjoy myself when I visit. They don't follow me around like I'm a rock star. I can just be myself around them. I want to ask them about what new toys they'd like to see me work on for next year."

"They are looking forward to your visit," said Johnny Cellphone. "I'll meet you at the station. I know you're looking for toy ideas but do you plan to bring some toys with you that you've been working on? You know, to get their reactions?"

"Yes, I have a few new ones I'll bring," said Motorcycle Santa. "It's just too bad we can't get some riding in this time. I really enjoyed those twisties down Route 7 the last time I was there. I'm without a bike right now and I'm suffering from Parked Motorcycle Syndrome. Maybe the kids will just let me relax and forget about my lack of a bike."

"See ya tomorrow Johnny," said Motorcycle Santa.

The stoplight had changed for Johnny Cellphone as he replied, "Got to run. Traffic is moving. See ya in the morning. Have a great trip."

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All Santas are from a POSSIBLE DREAMS® collection owned by Jane Ann Kern. All photos by Walter Kern.

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