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Motorcycle Santa - Special Times

Johnny Cellphone arrived at the train station the next morning just as the Polar Express pulled in. He watched the passengers walk down the steps leading out of the train. After a few minutes, the smiling face of Motorcycle Santa emerged through the doorway carrying a green bag over his shoulder.

"Hey big guy. How's the bike running?" said Motorcycle Santa.

"I knew you'd ask about the bike first since it used to be your bike," said Johnny Cellphone. "Good thing you were getting a new Ultra Classic and were kind enough to give me first chance to buy your old bike."

"Just wanted to make sure it was going to get a good home and I'd have a chance to see it once in awhile," said Motorcycle Santa. "How are those great kids of yours?"

"The kids are fine and anxious to see you. What's in the bag, man?"

"Just the toys I told you about. How's your wife, Sandy?"

"Sandy's OK. Just got out of the hospital," said Johnny Cellphone. "I'll tell you about it later. Hop on the back of my bike. It's only a mile or so from here."

It felt great to have the wind in his hair again, thought Motorcycle Santa. He thoroughly enjoyed the ride in the brisk air. Finally, they turned into a tree-lined drive leading up a slight incline to Johnny Cellphone's house.

Motorcycle Santa followed his friend through the front door and stood there in the foyer with the bag of toys tossed over his shoulder.

"Hey kids, it's me!" said Motorcycle Santa. There were screams of joy as Johnny Cellphone's kids ran through the house and jumped all over their favorite uncle, Motorcycle Santa.

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All Santas are from a POSSIBLE DREAMS® collection owned by Jane Ann Kern. All photos by Walter Kern.

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