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Motorcycle Santa - The Game

The puzzle was a wooden board with cutouts. Each cutout contained a puzzle piece that was a form of transportation like a train, bus, or boat. Each piece had a red tab on it so the piece could be lifted out of the cutout. This was a great game for little kids from two to five but it was a bit simple for Elizabeth. The idea was to dump out the nine pieces and then pick them up and fit them into the correct openings. On the bottom of the cutouts on the board were the same pictures that were on the pieces. All you had to do was match up the pictures and slip the piece into the opening so it would fit.

"Santa, I've got a better idea," said Elizabeth. "Let's turn the puzzle into a game that you and I can play together."

"I really don't have much time to play a game," said Motorcycle Santa. "I need to get the rest of the gifts delivered and get back to the North Pole. I have a motorcycle ride planned for tomorrow on my motorcycle chopper that the elves gave me last year."

"Oh, pretty please Santa," cried Elizabeth. "It'll only take a few minutes and it will help me to get sleepy so I can go back to bed like you said. It's a fun game. I just thought it up. You'll like it Santa."

"All right but we're only going to play it once. OK?" said Motorcycle Santa.

"Five minutes is all it'll take," Said Elizabeth. "This is how we'll play the game."

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All Santas are from a POSSIBLE DREAMS® collection owned by Jane Ann Kern. All photos by Walter Kern.

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