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BMW Motorcycles

Gives articles, features, and links about BMW motorcycles. BMW made motorcycles before they made cars.

81 Years of BMW: A Gallery
A gallery of BMW pictures for each year of production. Submit your own BMW picture.

BMW Profile
Each item on the Motorcycles site that has to do with BMW is listed on the profile. As new content is added about the make, that content will be added to the profile.

BMW Motorcycle History and a Quiz Too
Some may think they already know a lot about BMW, its history and its machines. Perhaps you would like to take a trivia quiz on BMWs and skip the rest of this article. That's OK. You may want to come back later for more information.

BMW User Reviews
Motorcycles visitors continue to contribute User Reviews of BMW motorcycles as well as for other bikes. These reviews are offered to assist you in buying decisions and, of course, remain the personal observations of the reviewers.

BMW Model Information
Information about current BMW motorcycle models.

Airheads Beemer Club
This is a club for owners of air-cooled BMW motorcycles with type 247 engines or their twin-cylinder predecessors. These opposed-twin models are commonly called Boxers.

The BMW Bikers of Metropolitan Washington are the subject of this site. This is a large BMW club and all their activities, events, and rides are listed.

BMW Motorcycle Owners of America
This Web site contains all the information you need to become a member of BMW MOA or to stay in touch as a member. All chapters and rallies are listed.

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BMW Motorcycle Repair and Maintenance
Here are more than 100 pages of BMW motorcycle trouble shooting, repair and maintenance tips for older models.

The site discusses topics related to motorcycle camping. Find out if you are cut out for camping. If you are, what do you have to do to be a good camper.

BMW R50 Motorcycle & Female Motorcyclists
This is the personal site of Elaine White-Vechorik of Sturgis, Mississippi, who helped restore several BMWs. She has an informative site that is of interest to all, but especially women riders.

BMW Riders Association
The BMW RA was one of two clubs formed from the national BMW motorcycle club over 25 years ago. The other club was BMW MOA.
This site is devoted to the BMW R1200 family of motorcycles. It contains an extensive forum including member reviews of various items.

Craig Vechorik & Bench Mark Works
Craig is a restorer of classic, vintage, and antique BMW motorcycles. He has an interesting site that all lovers of BMWs or restorations should visit.

IBMWR © - BMW Classifieds
FREE ads for BMWs. Very elaborate procedure to submit an ad. Lots of rules to follow. However, there are a lot of ads up.

Internet BMW Riders Mailing List FAQ
Contains all you need to join and use the list. You could get 150 emails a day.

Kathy Gill's Motorcycle Pages
This is an excellent Web site about a woman's search for the perfect BMW R65. She gets it and then has a few problems adjusting to it. You will enjoy this site.

NJ Shore BMW Riders
BMW chartered club in NJ. Contains pictures of various club rallies.

Ted's House
This BMW enthusiast has a lot of information on BMW motorcycles. Especially read My Complete BMW Motorcycle Buying Guide.

The Chain Gang
This Internet club based in San Antonio, TX USA promotes the BMW F650, F650ST, F650GS and the F650GS Dakar. Has an active forum, classifieds and information about events and rallies.

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