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Motorcycle Salvage Yards - Bone Yards for Motorcycles

By Walter F. Kern

Bone yards with their junkyard dogs are a part of motorcycling

Every day, more and more people get on the Web looking for information about motorcycles. Sometimes riders have problems with their bikes and need to find parts. Maybe they have had a spill and need to replace a mirror or some plastic bodywork. Perhaps they have a bent rim and need a replacement. That may mean looking for a motorcycle salvage yard. Such places used to be called motorcycle junk yards but are also called motorcycle boneyards. Of course, people usually like to find a place close by.

I remember my motorcycle club at Bell Labs used to take regular runs to a local motorcycle boneyard at noontime. Of course just getting away for a quick ride was great but even better was the prospect of walking around in a local motorcycle salvage yard just lookin'.

Surprisingly, many of these motorcycle salvage yards are run by knowledgeable motorcycle people who would just as soon try to help you solve your mechanical problem as sell you the wrong part.

Of course buyer beware is also part of the equation since there will always be a few who only care to take your money. You'll have to take your chances and try to get to know the folks who run your local salvage yard. If you can find a good one and have a good user experience, they know you'll be back and better still, you will have found a treasure trove that will save you money.

Here are the motorcycle salvage yards that are currently listed.

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