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Joe Motorcycle - Just an Average Guy

By Walter F. Kern

I happened to run into a biker friend of mine named Joe Motorcycle. Now Joe is an average guy, kinda like Charlie Brown in the comics. Joe spends a lot of time on the Internet, especially on the Motorcycle Views site and on the Motorcycle Views Forum when he's not out riding his bike.

Joe has consented to answer a few questions for me. I must warn you though. Joe is a man of few words.

Oh, and please resist the temptation to click on the links until we get to the end of the interview. If you do click the answers, please remember to use the Back button to return to the interview with Joe.

Walter: "What brand of motorcycle do you ride Joe?"

Joe: "Hey, I just got a new Harley-Davidson Freewheeler trike. It's great!"

Walter: "How did you learn to ride?"

Joe: "Never went to one of those new schools. Learned on my own."

Walter: "What color is your scoot?"

Joe: "Some people around here seem to like red but the only motorcycle color I like is black."

Walter: "How many motorcycles do you own?

Joe: "Well, I used to have an old Panhead but had to sell it. I only have one motorcycle these days."

Walter: "When you have to buy a new bike, how do you think you'll pay for it Joe?"

Joe: "The banks don't seem to like me. I paid cash for the Harley I just bought."

Walter: "What's your favorite motorcycle rally - Sturgis?"

Joe: "Sorry, I'm pretty much a loner. I don't go to rallies at all."

Walter: "How many states you think you've ridden in Joe?"

Joe: "I usually collect a pin for every state. Let's see... I guess I've been in nine states."

Walter: "What kind of roads do you like best? Twisties I bet."

Joe: "Not me man. Give me those country roads."

Walter: "You're a friendly guy Joe. Do you wave at other riders?"

Joe: "I always wave unless I'm busy watchin' traffic."

Walter: "Joe, what celebrity would you like to run into at a rally?"

Joe: "Gee, Peter Fonda would be my choice. He's really cool."

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Walter: "What if you won the lottery Joe. What touring bike do you think you'd buy?"

Joe: "Well, I think I'd stick to what I have. I don't ever want a touring bike."

Walter: "What about the motorcycle magazines. What do you like?"

Joe: "Ever since I met Fred Rau, I've been reading MCN."

Walter: "What about biker flicks?"

Joe: "Well, I know there's a lot of great old movies but I kinda liked the true story of Burt Munro in the World's Fastest Indian."

Walter: "What about the famous people who were bikers. Who do you like?"

Joe: "I already mentioned Peter Fonda. If you're talkin' about the past, I guess I'd have to say Steve McQueen."

Walter: "Do you think you're addicted to bikes Joe?"

Joe: "Addicted! Man, I'm way over the edge. I'm hooked!"

Walter: "I notice you've been limping a little Joe. What the heck are you going to do when the leg gives out and you can't ride?"

Joe: "Guess I have to cross that bridge when I come to it."

Walter: "Final question Joe. If you had a question about motorcycling, where would you go for an answer?"

Joe: "Is that a trick question? You want me to say go to your site or forum, don't you? They're OK but I usually do some research on the Internet first. Then I come to your site or forum. Funny thing though. I sometimes find myself landing right on your site when I do a Google search. How'd you do that?"

Well, that's the end of the interview with Joe Motorcycle. As I said, Joe is just an average guy. In fact, he answered all my questions the same way that the average person answered the many Motorcycle Views polls that I've been running on my website and newsletter.

If you care to go back and click on any of the answers, you'll see the actual results for these polls.

Polls are fun. But more than that, they help me to understand who you are. After all, you are Joe Motorcycle.

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