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Four Ways to Save on Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is a necessary but oftentimes frustrating expense. If you feel as though you're paying too much to insure your bike, you probably are. Unfortunately, many insurance companies will charge you whatever they think they can. It's your job as a thrifty motorcyclist to get your rates lowered as much as possible. Here are four things you can do to save on your motorcycle insurance:

  1. Ditch the Sports Bike: If you're shopping around for a new motorcycle, consider investing in a model that isn't a sports bike. Insurance companies unfairly charge owners of sports motorcycles more. Other factors like the year a motorcycle was built and how safe it's considered to be can influence your rates as well. Definitely consider doing your research on different bikes before you invest in one. Ultimately, the safest bike could save you money in terms of insurance and help you from getting seriously injured on the road.

  2. Consider How Often You Ride: You might be able to qualify for discounted insurance rates if you just ride your motorcycle every once in a while for pleasure. Insurance companies often have something called "occasional" or "part-time" insurance for motorcyclists who are just hobbyists. This type of insurance can oftentimes be considerably less expensive and still keep you covered in times of need. Additionally, if you don't ride your motorcycle in the winter, you may be able to get discounted insurance as well.

  3. Think About What You Have Going For You: If it seems like you're paying too much, make a list of what you think insurance companies should take into consideration about you. If you're married, a college graduate, and older than 30, for instance, you should be paying less than unmarried, 20-somethings who haven't completed school yet. Call different insurance companies and see if you can get discounted rates because of factors like education and age. And see if you can score some extra points and save if you have an exceptional driving record.

  4. After an Accident, Prove Yourself: Your rates can go up considerably after you get in an accident if you're perceived to be at fault. Do whatever you can to make up for it. For instance, taking a defensive driving class or motorcycle safety course can help you get your rates back down to manageable levels after an accident. If you don't think you were at fault in a collision, contest any tickets you've received from the police and the claims made by the other party involved. Sometimes putting forth the extra effort to set the story straight can save you quite a bit of money on insurance.

These are just some of the things you can do to save on motorcycle insurance. Try them out, and don't settle on a policy until you know you're getting the best price!

~ Stacy Holmes

Stacy Holmes is a motorcycle enthusiast, mother, and freelance writer. When she's not on her motorcycle, Stacy spends her time writing about her adventures on the open road.

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