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Motorcycle Seat Heights - 2016 Victory

By Walter F. Kern

The following is a listing of 2016 Victory motorcycle seat heights from the lowest to the highest. All motorcycle seat heights are given in inches. Associated with each motorcycle seat height is the Year, Make, and Model of the associated motorcycle.

These motorcycle seat height data should be beneficial to new riders as well as other more experienced riders who are looking for machines that will fit them and make them safer on their motorcycles.

Motorcycle Seat Height
in Inches
Motorcycle Model
25.02016 Victory Gunner
25.02016 Victory High-Ball
25.22016 Victory Vegas
25.22016 Victory Vegas 8-Ball
25.72016 Victory Magnum
26.32016 Victory Cross Country
26.32016 Victory Cross Country 8-Ball
26.32016 Victory Cross Country Tour
26.52016 Victory Hammer S
26.52016 Victory Vision
31.52016 Victory Empulse TT

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