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How To Start and Move a Motorcycle

By Walter F. Kern

Beginners can start and move a motorcycle

This feature gives descriptions and pictures of the steps required to move a motorcycle or start a motorcycle. I'm not talking about shipping a motorcycle. I'm talking about simply moving a motorcycle a short distance. An example might be a case where the rider of a bike has parked it in the garage amidst considerable adjoining boxes, crates, ladders, and other accumulated stuff that might be contained in a garage. Let's say the rider is out of town or even serving in the armed forces and the spouse needs to move the motorcycle to complete a repair to the house.

The rider cannot be reached. The job must be done. What is the spouse to do?

Another case might be a new rider who has just purchased a motorcycle and wants to get to know the motorcycle better. Now, bear in mind that I highly recommend that such a rider enroll in a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) course and learn the fundamentals the correct way. That's certainly the way I learned, but I did have my own motorcycle at the time which I did not know how to ride. I also wanted to get to know the motorcycle better before I took the course. I had all the basic questions all newbie riders have. I wanted to know how to start the motorcycle, get it in gear, and ride short distances in first or second gear -- at least to the end of my driveway and back.

This article gives you a 10-step procedure to move a motorcycle without the need to start it. The article also gives you a 10-step procedure to move a motorcycle by pressing the start button, putting it in gear, and moving it under its own power.

Remember at all times that a motorcycle is a machine that responds quickly to human commands made by the hands or the feet. You should learn basic operations slowly and safely. These are best left to the experts as they teach you in the MSF course. Steps given here are done at your own risk. There is always the chance that the motorcycle will fall over or you will not be able to control it.

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