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Motorcycle Haiku Poems

By Walter F. Kern

Motorcyclists have fun with Haiku poetry

Over the years, our Motorcycle Views visitors have submitted their own motorcycle Haiku poems.

Haiku is a three line unrhymed verse with the first line containing 5 syllables, the second line containing 7 syllables and the last line containing 5 syllables. Sometimes the verse has a seasonal theme.

Here are 10 samples:

Summer calls to me
Come ride your motorcycle
Live without your cage

She died of cancer
I wanted to go with her
Riding bike saved me

Wheels spinning faster
Engine sounds are mighty loud
Red leaves fly behind

Rain road-sweeping salt
Daydreams of wind on the face
Free of winter's hold

i gun the throttle
flying like artillery
shooting down the miles

feeling of freedom
speeding faster through the wind
capture this moment

two bikes on the road
passing each other briefly
mutual respect

big honda shadow
over fifty thousand miles
still not a harley

my spirit is free
can't wait to don my helmet
ahead is sweet spring

the motorcycle
it breathes and pulses with life
we can move as one

Haiku is an old literary poetic form. We will not dwell on the ever evolving rules of haiku composition. That is best left to the experts. All I know is that motorcyclists seem to like motorcycle haiku poems. That is evident as you read the 17 syllable haiku poems contained in our collection. I think you will be amazed that the feelings of riders can be so succinctly expressed in just three short lines.

After collecting well over a hundred motorcycle haiku poems from visitors to this site and writing a few myself, I have decided to close this page. But, before I made this decision, I wrote a book to collect the best haikus forever in case this website ever closed down.

Motorcycle Haiku Poetry: An Anthology of Haiku Poems About Motorcycles Now you can read these haiku poems in book form. I have selected the best poems and combined them with either a picture of a motorcycle or a picture of a tattoo and edited them to fit into a book format. Some safety or riding tips and philosophy may also be included in the narrative. The book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

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