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How To Fix a Flat Tire on a Motorcycle

By Walter F. Kern

You come out to your garage to take a ride on your bike and find that you have a nail or screw sticking out of your tire. Maybe this situation happens to you on the road. What do you do?

Here's How to Fix a Flat Tire:

  1. You should have a tire plugging kit with you and a means to inflate the tire after the puncture has been sealed. One particularly good kit is the Stop & Go Tubeless Tire Plug Gun Kit.
  2. If you own a Honda Gold Wing with an on board air compressor, you'll have no trouble inflating the tire after it has been plugged, assuming that you have also purchased an extension air hose to reach your tires.
  3. For non-Gold Wing riders, consider carrying CO2 cartridges to inflate the tire.
  4. After you get a tire plugged, you have to remember that the repair must be considered temporary. Your safety is most important. Consider buying a new tire.


Before you use any tire plugging kit, sit down with the kit and read the instructions carefully and even do a test run to satisfy yourself that you know how to use it.

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