Walter takes in the View from his motorcycle
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How To Handle a Motorcycle That Dies in Traffic

By Walter F. Kern

There are certain situations where a motorcycle will die in traffic either moving or while stopped at a light. Here are things to look for.

Here's How to Handle a Motorcycle that Dies in Traffic:

  1. If the bike has a fuel petcock, switch it to reserve. If fuel is low, it should pick right up again.
  2. Sometimes riders touch the KILL switch by mistake and shut the bike off. Do a quick check.
  3. Perhaps you have released the clutch too quickly from a stop and had the transmission in a high gear. That will kill the engine. Restart the bike.
  4. If none of the above works, get the bike off the road for further checks that may include blown fuses, totally empty gas tank, dead battery, etc.


Always carry a cellphone for emergencies.

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