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How To Sell Your Motorcycle

By Walter F. Kern

You've been riding your motorcycle for a few years and now you want a new or different bike. You finally know what you want and are ready to buy. That means you may want to sell your current motorcycle.

Here's How to Sell Your Motorcycle:

  1. You may opt to keep your motorcycle. If money's no object, you can afford the insurance and you have the room, then this choice may make sense. Of course, your attachment to the bike may make this the only choice.
  2. If you're buying a new motorcycle, your dealer will probably take your bike as a trade-in. Be sure to check the various Price Services to see what your bike is worth to help you in the negotiation process.
  3. Auctioning a bike is a new way to sell your bike. eBay is the most popular service. Check out how others have written up their bikes and included pictures before you decide how to list yours.
  4. Always tell your friends that you want to sell your motorcycle. Even a friend who doesn't ride might suddenly take an interest in wanting to learn to ride and might want to buy it.
  5. If you belong to a motorcycle club, group, or association, announce that you want to sell your motorcycle. If there is a club newsletter, list it there also. Since your bike will be well known to the club, you may get a fast sale.
  6. Often a local dealer will either put your bike on the floor for sale and take a small commission or make it known to others looking for bikes that you have one for sale.
  7. Every newspaper has motorcycle want ads. Just try to make your ad stand out.
  8. There are many Web sites that offer want ads for motorcycles.
  9. You can also try listing on the various motorcycle forums.

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