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By Walter F. Kern

A Tribute to Jane Ann Kern (1937-2008)

Jane and Walt

Picture courtesy of GWRRA NJ Chapter F

This is a copy of an email I sent to one of Jane's many friends:

Ralph & Suzie,

Ralph, I am so sorry that I have to tell you this.

My beloved Jane has died in a terrible automobile crash in Maryland as she and two of her friends were en route to a 9-day vacation on the Outer Banks.

We had celebrated our 47th anniversary the night before and exchanged anniversary cards.

I helped her pack her friend's car for trip the next day.

On Sunday, August 31, she got up early and I was up with her since she was to leave at 5:50 am.

I went out to the car and stuffed her one remaining bag in the back seat.

I hugged her and kissed her and told her to have a good time.

She got in the front seat, shut the door and the car backed out of the drive onto the street. It turned and headed west as I waved good-bye.

They went to pick up their other friend who got in the left back seat. The right rear seat was packed with luggage.

Jane had been asked by her friend who owned the car to drive the route down the NJ Turnpike, over the Delaware bridge and into Delaware, which she did.

They then changed drivers at some point and Jane was now in the right front seat.

They were headed down Route 13 and had just passed the little town of Pocomoke City, Maryland when it happened.

The actual events are still unclear but it appears that from out of nowhere another car approached their car on a collision course. That driver was later found at fault. The car Jane was riding in was struck with a massive impact somewhere in the front end.

The car that hit Jane ended up on its roof in the median grassy area. Fire broke out in the engine compartments of both cars. The rescue and fire people were on the scene quickly and a massive effort was scaled to get the victims out.

The driver at fault was killed. The driver of Jane's car was pulled out after a long effort. The friend in the rear seat was pulled out the window of the rear door by a passerby.

Jane's friend, the driver, is in the hospital with multiple leg, arm, and ankle fractures. Her other friend, in the back seat, has back fractures and is expected to be released soon.

Jane died at the scene.

God rest her soul.


Jane Ann Kern with her 1998 Gold Wing Motor Trike
Jane Ann Kern (1937-2008)

I have created a Jane Ann Kern Memorial Web site that tells about Jane's life, the accident, and Jane's favorite charities. You will be able to donate online to Jane's favorite charities.

Jane's Obituary in the Asbury Park Press

Pictures of Jane from the 2007-2008 Polar Bear Grand Tour

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