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Kawasaki Motorcycles

By Walter F. Kern

Gives articles, features, and links about Kawasaki motorcycles.

Kawasaki Profile
Each item on the Motorcycles site that has to do with Kawasaki is listed on the profile. As new content is added about the make, that content will be added to the profile.

Kawasaki Model Information
Information about 2007 Kawasaki motorcycle models.

Kawasaki User Reviews
Motorcycles visitors continue to contribute User Reviews of Kawasaki motorcycles as well as for other bikes. These reviews are offered to assist you in buying decisions and, of course, remain the personal observations of the reviewers.

American Voyager Association
Devoted to the Kawasaki Voyager motorcycle, this association also welcomes all brands to join. Has classifieds, membership application, and rally information.

Concours Owners Group
This is the Web site of the Concours Owners Group (COG). Concours is Kawasaki's sport touring motorcycle.

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Old KawMan's Vintage and Classic Kawasaki Parts
This site has parts for old Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles.

VoyForums: Wyzard's Kawasaki Voyagers Forum
This is a popular forum devoted to the Kawasaki Voyager. Read and post your own message about your Voyager.

Kawasaki Owners Club
This is a club devoted to Kawasaki. It seems to have worldwide membership. It's a forum.

This site is dedicated to the Kawasaki ZX14 which the site feels will embark on another ten year stint as the "speed champ," just as they did with the ZX-11. There plan is to be there all the way as the ultimate support tool for the ZX-14 owners around the world.

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