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Motorcycle Tires - How to Tell the Age of Your Motorcycle Tires

By Walter F. Kern

Ever wonder just how long that tire you bought for your motorcycle sat on the shelf before you bought it? Or, maybe you're wondering just how old the tires are on the motorcycle you just bought.

Here's how to tell:

Look on the sidewall of the tire for the DOT symbol. Follow the line of text and numbers after the DOT symbol until you reach the end. If the tire was manufactured in the year 2000 or later, the last 4 digits give the age. The last 2 digits give the year and the preceding 2 digits give the week of manufacture. For example, the code 3606 means that the tire was manufactured in the 36th week of the year 2006.

If the tire was manufactured before the year 2000, the code is 3 digits long. Thus 366 would indicate the 36th week of the 6th year of the decade. Thus, before 2000, you had to make a judgement on which decade was intended. For example, 366 could mean the 36th week of 1996 or 1986.

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