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2008 Orange County Choppers (OCC) Motorcycle Day Trip Pictures taken on July 27, 2008

The following are pictures and captions from a motorcycle day trip from Freehold, NJ to Orange County Choppers (OCC) in Newburgh, NY. Be sure to click after this page for more pictures.

The regular monthly gathering of Chapter NJ-F (F Troop) of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA) was held at the Empire Diner. After the gathering, many members and guests rode to the Orange County Choppers (OCC) headquarters in Newburgh, NY. We rode in three groups each with a leader and drag rider. Most members communicated via CBs to keep the groups together and informed.

We stopped at the last rest stop on the Garden State Parkway in NJ. The lower gas prices in NJ as opposed to those in NY was one reason that this stop was made.

OCC headquarters was just off Exit 17 of the NY Thruway. The building is quite impressive as viewed from the Thruway. Total distance to OCC was 105 miles. This place has become a mecca for motorcyclists.

Our members, wearing red, walk toward the OCC building.

The front of the building contains the famous OCC motorcycle logo.

I found a lot of people hanging around the entrance waiting for groups to form or posing for pictures on the front steps.

Inside, many of the famous OCC theme bikes were displayed around the periphery of the building. Shown here is the Air Force Bike. Most of the building seen by visitors is devoted to OCC merchandise. Inside a secluded doorway was a corridor leading to a one-way window where the shop area seen on the Discovery Channel TV show can be viewed. A sign on the window says not to knock on the window to get the attention of the OCC employees.

This is the aircraft style gas tank on the Air Force Bike.

Individual shells on the Air Force Bike

The NY Giants Bike. Some details shown below.

In the center of the handlebars of the NY Giants Bike

The gas tank of the NY Giants Bike

The football shaped air cleaner on the NY Giants Bike

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