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This bike, titled as 2006 Homemade, was built by my husband for me in memory of a friend, Steve Alred, who was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2004. The motor is a 1974 Shovelhead which was big bored and built by Steve. My husband, Ted, found the motor and decided to build me a chopper in memory of Steve. This bike was built 100 percent by my husband. He fabricated, welded and wired and painted this bike; no one else touched the bike. It is a rigid frame with a 40 degree rake with a 21" 80 twisted spoke front wheel and 180 16" 8o twisted spoke rear wheel. It has an open primary with an electric start and chain drive. It has a 4 speed kick start tranmission. Ted started on this bike in December 2005 and finished in Febrary 2006. I now have two bikes. One is a 2005 Harley Low Rider which I just rode on a trip 5,825 miles in June but this is the bike I ride at home. The other is left at home in the barn. I hope you like it as much as I do. -- Beverly

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