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Motorcycle Equipment Recall - Ivolution

By Walter F. Kern

NHTSA Campaign ID:  19E039000
Component:  Equipment
Manufacturer:  Ivolution Sports Inc.
Recall Date: 06/05/2019
Potential Number of Units Affected: 4,071
Defect Summary:
Ivolution Sports, Inc. (Ivolution) is recalling certain IV2 HY-901 helmets, in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL. These helmets may not adequately protect the wearer in the event of a head impact during a motorcycle crash.
Consequence Summary:
In the event of a crash, the helmet may not protect the occupant, increasing the risk of injury.
Corrective Summary:
Ivolution will notify customers, and provide full refund. The manufacturer has not yet provided a notification schedule. Owners may contact Ivolution at 1-951-852-6327.

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