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Bikerlady: Living & Riding Free! - A Motorcycle Book Review - Page 2

By Walter F. Kern

The Engagement Ring

Sasha's artistry is apparent throughout the book. She is a writer, photographer, singer, artist, song writer, motorcycle rider, TV star, CEO of her own company and consummate communicator. At times she is too honest with us giving many personal details of her life. But that's just Sasha. She never leaves you wondering.

Her first entrance into the world of motorcycles came from an engagement gone bad. The engagement ring helped buy that first Sporty and she was then off to create the career that resulted in this book.

Bikerlady builds on the pioneering work of Melissa Holbrook Pierson ("The Perfect Vehicle") and Ann Ferrar ("Hear Me Roar"), both of whom are acknowledged and featured in the book. There is some duplication of effort among the three books but that is to be expected.

No book about women riders would be complete without a history of the pioneer women riders and the current day riders who are so prominent. However, Sasha weaves her own unique artistry throughout the pages of the book to tie together all the photos, the personal stories of the 160 other women riders, and her own personal story. Her own religious outlook on life is also strongly represented as she tells her own stories from the road.

Here are the chapters of the book: She's Gotta Roarrr!; Watch Out! Curves Ahead!; The Road is My Home; Queen of the Road; Motorcycle Mammas and Women Who Wrench; Wild Wind Sisters; Racy Ladies; Long-Distance Lovers; The Butterfly Artiste; Healing Winds; and The Motorcycle Lifestyle.

Here's an early quote from Sasha that pretty much tells you how she views life and motorcycling:

    "For men, controlling a motorcycle is all in the chest as they push that stallion around; for ladies, riding is guided by our most curvaceous places. My motorcycle and I tango along the asphalt as familiar dance partners. My hips move side to side, dipping and swaying, gliding with the machine as we lean into twisty curves and sashay down the straightaway, all to an intuitive rhythm."

Sasha used a few words that I found unusual. One was "shero" that means female hero. Sorry folks, I don't get out much. Another signature word she uses is "S'miles" that I guess means smiles along the miles or something to that effect. Sasha also has the license plate "Soulo" on her bike, Tigerlily. She likes to ride solo but her soulmate is her motorcycle. My guesses, sorry.

Here's another quote that comes from a song that Sasha wrote. It's Sasha through and through continuing to push the envelope to reach her full potential.

    "Seems like a dream,
    Riding wild and free, an empowered diva, highway queen,
    Steel horse under my reign, road is long and there ain't no end,
    They told me no so I stole the asphalt, come on, Baby, catch me if you can
    I'm woman, Gotta Roarrr!
    My motorcycle, hot, yeah, I want more..."

-- "Gotta Roarrr!" song lyrics by Sasha

The book shows Sasha's life and the lives of the other 160 women riders as women who have found the secret to a full and successful life -- the motorcycle. Read this important book and be inspired to change your own life.

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