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Motorcycle Club or Group - Picture Submission

By Walter F. Kern

Would you like to have a picture of your motorcycle club, motorcycle riding club, motorcycle association, motorcycle group, motorcycle organization, or other group of motorcycle riders appear on the Motorcycle Views site? You must first get the permission of your club's officers before you send a picture and description of your club. In fact, it might be better if an officer of the club submits the picture. The club must have its own Web site so we will be able to provide a link back to you.

Please send me a JPG picture that is at least 900 pixels wide. Most group shots will need a minimum of 900 pixels wide to show all the members.

Include a short description of your club or group. Don't list members' names. Tell us when you were founded, where you're located, whether all-brand or specific motorcycles, and whether women can be members. Try to get a good clear photo of your club in good lighting. I do need a contact name and address. The name will be used with a copyright symbol under a thumbnail picture of your club. I won't publish your street address. I just need your complete address to satisfy legal requirements.

I create pages of thumbnail pictures of the clubs or groups submitted. Clicking on the thumbnail will then bring up the larger picture you send me. Your club's description and URL will go on the bottom of the picture.

Submission Instructions:

Copy all of the text between the dotted lines below and be ready to Paste it into an email, below. If any text is missing, we will not be able to use your picture.

To Copy: Place your cursor on the first character of the text, click the left button on the mouse and hold it while you drag the mouse to highlight all the text. Then release the left button. Next put the cursor inside the highlighted text, click the right mouse button, and release. Scroll down to Copy and click. You have copied the text.

Now Click on this link: Submit Club Picture to open a new composition window in your email program. Then click the left mouse button inside the message pane. Next, click the right mouse button and scroll to Paste and click it. Your copied text should now be in the email. Finally, add the appropriate information to the text within your email and attach the picture of your club or group as a file attachment.

If you're no good at Copy and Paste but still want to submit a motorcycle club or group picture, just send me an email including the information within the lines, below, and attach a picture.

If you're a MAC user, these instructions will be different. I suggest you just send me an email including the information within the lines, below, and attach a picture.


Your Name:

Home Address (Street, City, State, Country):

Name you want to appear with your picture:

Name and description of club or group (include location). Use as many lines as you like:

URL of your club's or group's Web site:

I certify that I am the author or sole owner of the material I am submitting to Motorcycle Views. Motorcycle Views may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works and otherwise use the material for any purpose in any form and on any media.


That's it! Thanks for your submission.

Note: While we certainly look forward to seeing and showing a lot of good pictures of motorcycle clubs and groups, we may not be able to use every picture submitted and reserve the right to use only submissions that we feel are appropriate from a subject or quality point of view. Also, please make only one submission. You will receive an email if the motorcycle club or group picture is published.

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