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Motorcycle Videos: Videos and Movies About Motorcycles

By Walter F. Kern

Gives articles, features, and links about motorcycle videos and motorcycle movies.

Movies about Motorcycles
I review 10 classic motorcycle movies, mostly on DVD.

Motorcycle Movie Reviews
I review motorcycle movies.

View User Submitted YouTube Motorcycle Videos

Polar Bear Grand Tour - Short Videos

1941 Indian Motorcycle Replica
This is a video of a full size 1941 Indian motorcycle made completely out of wood.

Every part has been sculpted to look exactly like the real thing.

Dash-Cam of Wild Ride, from
Maybe not totally insane but close. We do not endorse this kind of behavior. Ride safe.

American Chopper Outtakes and "Best of" Clips
Check out these outtakes from a fall 2003 Discovery Channel shoot.

Then catch some "best of American Chopper" moments. 12 clips are available.

Action Sports Cams
Scroll down to "Take the Ride" and experience high flying jumps.

How NOT To Ride a Motorcycle
Wheelies and stoppies that didn't turn out. Some blood and hospitals involved.

Watch this sportbike rider struggle to stay on his bike.

See more videos after the ad.

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Bore Me - Loading that Bike
A short video on how not to load a bike in a van.

Chez's Bad Arsed Biker Page
Scroll down to the six lessons. The videos are a bit dark. - Oh Geez
This is a fast action clip of a rider showing off and losing it.
It's followed up by a slow-motion of the same thing.
No idea what happened to the rider. Advice: Don't try this.

Dolomites by Motorcycle
10 minute video of two riders who know how to ride well taking a short adventure.
Great scenery and great riding.

Easyrider's Motorcycle Movies
Scroll down to an extensive library of video clips of crashes, stunts, and foolishness.

Evasive Actions
Wheelies, stoppies and skis, some done two-up.

Goldwing Video Page
Steve Saunders Goldwing Page brings you Goldwing motorcycle related video clips.

I've Been Everywhere Man
This is a great road video with Johnny Cash's song in the background.
It may take awhile to load so be patient.

Lee Hartung Collection of Motorcycles with Dale Walksler of Wheels Through Time
Dale was hired to extract rare motorcycles from this Chicago collection
and ready them for auction. See machines start up after years of sitting idle.

Motor Officer Testing Video
This is a 17-minute video depicting skill tests required of motor officers
in the Charleston County SC Sheriff's Office. I liked the Paint Ball and Mud Runs best.
You will see extraordinary motorcycling skills we all wish we had.

2006 R6 On the Track
Take a high-speed run around the track with great motorcycle music in the background.
A Windows Media Player broadband connection is best. Videos
Video clip of several sportbikes doing wheelies and stoppies that get away from them.
Some result in hospital visits (shown). Nice background music.
Please don't try these stunts at home or with your friends.
You too may end up in the hospital, or worse.
ROADMC is made for people with a very special interest: Motorcycle Sports Touring.
Plenty of highspeed downhill twisties in many countries.
Highspeed cable connections are best for some of these videos.

Several videos. One about traffic in Saigon. Then follow this scooter
as he darts in and out of traffic. Don't miss the ending.

The Motorcycle Enthusiasts Home Page
Various videos. Check out the tank slapper mishap.

Tower City Video & Pictures
Ten videos mostly of Trials bikes in action. Motorcycle Videos, Pictures, Links
Video Clips about motorcycles in categories of wheelies, stoppies, burn-outs,
speed, track, dirt, and everything else. Also contains pictures, reviews and links.

Check out test runs of the 2002 Electric Hog Prototype from Vogelbilt.

More about motorcycles

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