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YouTube Motorcycle Videos Submitted by Visitors to Motorcycle Views

By Walter F. Kern

I have always had a Motorcycle Videos page on my site but now I'd like to expand it to include links to YouTube motorcycle videos you have already uploaded to YouTube.

These must be your own personal videos that contain content about motorcycles. I don't want you to send me your videos. I just want the link to your motorcycle video on YouTube.

Links to your YouTube videos will appear on this page.

I reserve the right to reject multiple entries from the same person.

Submit a Link to your own YouTube Motorcycle Video

Flat Stanley's Motorcycle Trike Adventure - Walter Kern
I take a ride with Flat Stanley and teach him how to ride a motorcycle trike.

Motorcycle Trike Lifts Off the Ground - Walter Kern
Video I took at a trike safety class that shows the rear wheel of a trike lifting off the ground.

Bucharest to Mongolia and Back - Mihai M
This video shot while riding in Mongolia this summer. Did a 25,000 kilometers trip from Bucharest to Mongolia and back through the Pamir mountains. All in all, 56 wonderful days. See more videos of this and other trips on my Youtube channel.

KTM 125 Duke Review
The British KTM 125 Duke is reviewed by Cameron Bigg. Cameron writes: "This is a 'semi-pro' review of my own KTM Duke 125. I try to cover all the useful information needed when buying a bike, so it's informative but not too long."

Menehunes MC
Menehunes MC is a Hayward, CA based motorcycle club founded by islanders and is based on honoring Hawaiian traditions. Here is a video showing various club pictures and rides.

A Motorcycle Music Diary on a Kawasaki Ninja 650 ABS
Take a (mostly) rainy ride on a Ninja 650 ABS with Dilip Reddy.

Puerto Rico Tour - Jose Miranda
The San Blas Half Marathon was held on February 5, 2012 at Coamo, Puerto Rico. It is a tradition in our island to ride motorcycle that day, so, everybody took their horses to the road. My wife and I decided to ride evrywhere but Coamo, so we visited a few nice towns in the center of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. It's the first time that we didn't take many pictures, but here is a video that will show you what a motorcycle passenger feels and sees. Hope you enjoy it.

XR650L Jambanjali to Home Part 1 - David Beardsley
Jambanjali is a small village in the Western Region of the Gambia. This is a short cut to my home in Sifoe. Saves around 7 miles off the road journey and is much more fun.

XR650L Jambanjali to Home Part 2 - David Beardsley
The ride continues through an African Village called Nyofella. The reason for stopping is allowing another rider to catch up.

XR650L in The Gambia - David Beardsley
The rainy season can present some issues - especially on the roads. You never know what is in the water so it is better to steer clear.

Billy Gordon Band - Billy Gordon
While riding a motorcycle I will play guitar, light it on fire and keep playing behind the back while on top of the handlebars. More on video with hot chicks on stage and Blue Rocker music.

6-Day Solo Ride - Buggy Knuckles
Check out this YouTube video that may make you a little dizzy as you watch the scenery fly by on a 6-Day solo ride through Utah, Colorado, and Nevada on a 2008 Harley Low Rider.

MDA Kids - Jose Miranda
This ride was organized by Sunset Bikers, with the participation of a lot of clubs including Los Realengos, HOG, among others. We started it from the west coast of Puerto Rico and our final destination was Barranquitas, town in the heart of Puerto Rico, where we shared with MDA kids at their annual camp. Hope you like it.

Puerto Rico Motorcycle Pictures - Jose Miranda
These are a compilation of my best motorcycle pictures with my wife during our solo and group rides in our beautiful island of Puerto Rico during the past three years.

TLC Motorcycle Saddlebag Liners - Randy Higgins
Check out this short YouTube video that shows a great way to pack your saddlebags for that long motorcycle trip.

Waiting for Spring 2015 - Samcro10
Check out this short YouTube video that shows four intertwined videos that help us look forward to Spring.

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