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Motorcycle Equipment Recalls

By Walter F. Kern





Unknown Years Indian Motorcycle Company Accessory Brake Levers for Scout and Scout Bobber 19E007000
Unknown Years Akoury AK AK88S Helmets 18E082000
Unknown Years Badass Helmet Company Metalhead 2.5 Helmets 18E020000
Unknown Years Badass Helmet Company Rogue Helmets 18E019000
Unknown Years Badass Helmet Company Trooper Helmets 18E052000
Unknown Years Brembo S.p.A. Motorcycle Front Brake Master Cylinders,
Part Numbers 10.4623.62 and 10.4623.63
Unknown Years Dainese S.p.A. AGV Carbon Modular Motorcycle Full-face,
Flip-up Helmets, Model AGV 580
Unknown Years Daytona Helmets International Skull Cap D1, D3, and D6 Helmets 17E027000
Unknown Years Fuel Helmets SH-HHGL1 Small Helmets 18E005000
Unknown Years H&H Sports Protection TORC T-55 V2
Low Profile Half Helmets
Unknown Years H&H Sports Protection VCAN V531 Helmets 18E074000
Unknown Years Harley-Davidson Detachable Saddlebags 18E010000
Unknown Years Ivolution Sports IV2 HY808 Motorcycle Helmets 19E019000
Unknown Years Ivolution Sports IV2 HY-901 Motorcycle Helmets 19E039000
Unknown Years Silverstone Associates LLC Ride Eazy Trimless Helmets 17E064000
Unknown Years Strategic Sports, Ltd. Zox Sierra ST-560 Helmets 19E032000
Unknown Years Strategic Sports, Ltd. Motovan Zox Sierra Helmets 19E027000
Unknown Years Strategic Sports, Ltd. Zox Nano Helmets 17E016000
Unknown Years Tegol, Inc. Outlaw V-5 Helmets 17E015000
Unknown Years Triumph 31 Models of Triumph 17E008000
Multiple Years BMW 2012-2018 F700GS, model 831917
2015-2018 R1200R, model 8544629
2014-2018 S1000R, model 8546224
2015-2018 S1000XR, model 8551929
2013-2018 R1200GS, model 8554726
2015-2018 R1200RS, model 8556927
2017-2018 R1200GS, model 8559548 and
2012-2018 F800GS, model 8561755
Multiple Years BMW 2006-2017 R1200GS
2007-2008 & 2010-2017 R1200 GS Adventure
2017 F700GS & F800GS
2013-2017 F800GT
2015-2016 F800R
2014-2017 F800GS Adventure
2014-2016 S1000R
2015-2017 R1200R
2016-2017 R1200RS
2010-2017 S1000RR
2016-2018 Honda Honda Genuine Accessory Centerstand kit
for 2016-2018 Africa Twin motorcycles
2016-2018 Triumph Thruxton 1200, 1200 Dual Seat, 1200R, 1200R Dual Seat
2016-2017 Triumph Thruxton 1200
Street Twin
Bonneville T120
Bonneville T120 Black
2016 Tong Ho Hsing Hawk AP-80 Motorcycle Helmet 16E060000
2016 Honda PCX125 & PCX150 Scooters Trunk Mounting Base 16E023000
2015-2016 BRP Can-Am Spyder F-3
Coast to Coast
Passenger Seat
2015-2017 Fuel Helmets SH-OF0016 in size Large and
SH-OF0017 in size Extra Large
2015-2016 Ivolution Sports IV2 JX-SKY Motorcycle Helmets 16E080000
2015-2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109R 15E053000
2015 H&H Sports Protection VCAN V528 Milano Helmets
2015 WSB WSB777 Half Helmets 16E068000
2014 Cycle Gear Street & Steel
Brotherhood and Anarchy
2014 H&H Sports Protection VCAN V528 Helmets
2014 Harley-Davidson XL Sportster 14E023000
2014 Hawk GLD-900 Helmet 14E069000
2014 HCI 115 German Helmet 16E010000
2014 Ontario EVOS Full Face Modular Helmet 16E054000
2013 AFX FX-76 Helmet 14E079000
2013 BMW C650 GT Maxi-Scooter 13E030000
2013 Buy4easy TMS JX-A111 Helmet 15E023000
2013 HCI 100 Helmet 16E008000
2013 Buy4easy TMS JX-A5005 Helmet 15E026000
2013 Leather Up XElement Helmet 16E024000
2013 Tegol Outlaw Slim-G Series Motorcycle Helmet 16E062000
2013-2015 Ohlins Racing AB TTX36 aftermarket shock absorbers 15E025000
2013 Speed and Strength SS500DVD Helmets 15E001000
2013 Speed and Strength SS200/SS300/SS400 Helmets 15E002000
2013 Suomy SPA Apex-S1R-EX Helmets 15E006000
2013-2014 Roadhouse Voss 888CF Helmet 14E085000
2013-2014 Shark RAW Helmet 14E086000
2013-2014 Stealth Phantom Helmet 16E033000
2013-2014 Vega XTA and XTA Touring Helmet 16E081000
2012 Allwin LS2 Helmet
2012 Buy4easy TMS HY-809 Helmet 15E027000
2012 Fly Racing Model .357 Helmet 14E074000
2012-2014 GMAX Helmet GM78 Medium Helmet 16E003000
2012 and later Harley-Davidson Dyna-family 15E011000
2012 Vega XTS Helmet 12E056000
2011-2012 Vega XTV 7400 Helmet 16E031000
2011 Vega CFS Helmet 16E032000
2011 and later Harley-Davidson Softail-family 15E011000
2008 Fulmer Helmets AF-80, AF-81, and AF-82 Helmet 13E007000

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